Το ακτινίδιο (ή αλλιώς κίουι) είναι γένος φυτών.


The date of the harvest starts in November and packaging, formulation and marketing of kiwi fruit take place from early October to late April each year.

Description of Kiwi

The kiwi (or kiwi ) is a genus of plants. It belongs to the family of Aktinidioeidon and originates from Asia.

The kiwi is a shrub with flowers colored red or white . The leaves are oval and bottom have fluff . The fruit pulp is edible and , with a sweet and sour taste. The exterior part is brown and the inside is juicy, green and small Seed, a black.

China is considered dominant home kiwis , since ancient times . The best known species grown in Greece called the Great Kiwi . The plant was native to China and traveled after the 19th century in Britain and in 1906 in New Zealand. The name , however kiwi (Kiwi) originates from the bird , which is a national symbol of New Zealand , where he lives exclusively . That name took the kiwi from horticulture Hayward Wright (1873-1959), who experimented with plants and managed to create the variety that is known today. In its current form, the kiwi grown since 1950 .

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The harvest season and standardizing packing procedure in our installations of tomatoes taking place from 20 of June to late August.

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Το βερίκοκο είναι ο καρπός της βερικοκιάς


The harvest season and standardizing packing procedure in our installations of apricots taking place from early May to late June .

History of Apricot

Apricot ( more correctly " apricot " ) is the fruit of apricot (scientific name prunus armeniaca) family of rosacea .

Originates from Northern China, Manchuria and Mongolia and came to Europe from Armenia from where it got its name. Its cultivation has been known in China since 2,200 BC and apparently transferred to Greece by Alexander the Great , it is not mentioned by Theophrastus (400 BC). [1 ] Dioscorides reported the Armenian apricots as apples, because the origin of the plant. [2 ] In Cyprus and the Dodecanese call it apricot , while in other parts of Greece use the name zardelia .

The name ' apricot ' probably came from the latin praecocia meaning " early " because it presents early maturation. From the Greek name derives Arabic berkuk.

Fleshy , globular abdomen with grooved seam. The core ( kernel ) is woody and inside containing 1-2 spores with a bitter taste like almonds and used in farmakopoiia.To fleshy pericarp is succulent and delicious , sweet and has a yellow-orange color . The exterior of apricot ( peel ) is thin, usually fluffy and yellow in color with some red spots on the front side.

It is rich in vitamin A. It also contains vitamins C, B1 , B2 and natural sugar . Also apricots are rich in fiber. Apricots are consumed as fresh fruit. It can also be eaten dried , make jam , compote , used in confectionery and make liqueur and juice .

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Το πορτοκάλι είναι φρούτο που καρπίζει από το δέντρο πορτοκαλιά


The harvest season and standardizing packing procedure in our installations of oranges taking place according to the types as follows:

  • For Navalines from early November to late January
  • For Navel from December to late March
  • For Valencia from March to late June
  • History and Description of the Orange

The orange is a fruit which bear from the orange tree . It is one of the most popular citrus fruits.

Its shape is spherical or oval , its skin thick or thin depending on the variety and the flesh is orange or, in variety sangkouini -red. The outer surface of the skin is relatively small and has abnormal glandular dots producing aromatic essential oil.

The orange flesh is divided into sections called cloves or slices. Each slice is surrounded by fibrous tissue white , said rag . Inside of each slice are many partitions , cells of the flesh that is filled juice and spores to 3 , but there can be sliced ​​without any spores .

The orange is sweet or sour taste and is more or less flavor depending on the variety and quality. Some slight bitter taste that occurs sometimes due to amount of essential oil that has penetrated the flesh . Orange is rich in vitamin C. Also contains sugars, potassium , calcium , phosphorus and vitamin D. [ citation pending ]

It is beneficial to the human diet and the nutritional value is great. Consumed as fresh fruit or used in juices , fresh or packaged . The fruit is picked when unripe , small greens and used in confectionery .

The essential oil of the bark , the flowers and leaves used in perfumery and preserves. From the peel also prepared sweet .

Brazil is the world leader in production of oranges . Below are the U.S. , India, China and Spain.

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Το μανταρίνι είναι ο καρπός της μανταρινιάς


There are many types of mandarins and the harvest season starts from November to late April.

The species is traded as a packing are:

  • Clementine from November to late January
  • Nova from mid-December to late January
  • Optanik from mid of February to late April

Description Tangerine

This fruit is the fruit of tangerine (scientific: Citrus reticulata, Citrus or grill), a small citrus tree. Much like the orange. Its shape is not spherical but ellipsoidal. Tangerines are usually eaten raw or in salads. The tree is more drought resistant than the fruit. The tree is evergreen, delicate and easily damaged from cold. Grows in tropical and subtropical climates.

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