The harvest season and standardizing packing procedure in our installations of apricots taking place from early May to late June .

History of Apricot

Apricot ( more correctly " apricot " ) is the fruit of apricot (scientific name prunus armeniaca) family of rosacea .

Originates from Northern China, Manchuria and Mongolia and came to Europe from Armenia from where it got its name. Its cultivation has been known in China since 2,200 BC and apparently transferred to Greece by Alexander the Great , it is not mentioned by Theophrastus (400 BC). [1 ] Dioscorides reported the Armenian apricots as apples, because the origin of the plant. [2 ] In Cyprus and the Dodecanese call it apricot , while in other parts of Greece use the name zardelia .

The name ' apricot ' probably came from the latin praecocia meaning " early " because it presents early maturation. From the Greek name derives Arabic berkuk.

Fleshy , globular abdomen with grooved seam. The core ( kernel ) is woody and inside containing 1-2 spores with a bitter taste like almonds and used in farmakopoiia.To fleshy pericarp is succulent and delicious , sweet and has a yellow-orange color . The exterior of apricot ( peel ) is thin, usually fluffy and yellow in color with some red spots on the front side.

It is rich in vitamin A. It also contains vitamins C, B1 , B2 and natural sugar . Also apricots are rich in fiber. Apricots are consumed as fresh fruit. It can also be eaten dried , make jam , compote , used in confectionery and make liqueur and juice .

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