The harvest season and standardizing packing procedure in our installations of oranges taking place according to the types as follows:

  • For Navalines from early November to late January
  • For Navel from December to late March
  • For Valencia from March to late June
  • History and Description of the Orange

The orange is a fruit which bear from the orange tree . It is one of the most popular citrus fruits.

Its shape is spherical or oval , its skin thick or thin depending on the variety and the flesh is orange or, in variety sangkouini -red. The outer surface of the skin is relatively small and has abnormal glandular dots producing aromatic essential oil.

The orange flesh is divided into sections called cloves or slices. Each slice is surrounded by fibrous tissue white , said rag . Inside of each slice are many partitions , cells of the flesh that is filled juice and spores to 3 , but there can be sliced ​​without any spores .

The orange is sweet or sour taste and is more or less flavor depending on the variety and quality. Some slight bitter taste that occurs sometimes due to amount of essential oil that has penetrated the flesh . Orange is rich in vitamin C. Also contains sugars, potassium , calcium , phosphorus and vitamin D. [ citation pending ]

It is beneficial to the human diet and the nutritional value is great. Consumed as fresh fruit or used in juices , fresh or packaged . The fruit is picked when unripe , small greens and used in confectionery .

The essential oil of the bark , the flowers and leaves used in perfumery and preserves. From the peel also prepared sweet .

Brazil is the world leader in production of oranges . Below are the U.S. , India, China and Spain.

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